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About Us


Inceptions Recovery & Treatment Center, LLC. ’s 

Outpatient Detox, 

Day/Night with community housing, 

Intensive Outpatient,  

Outpatient Services consist of services that 

will include individual, group and family counseling 

and life-skills. 


the following services will be available to clients based on their assessed, individual needs:

• Substance abuse education, such as strategies for avoiding substance abuse or relapse, information on health problems related to substance abuse, motivational enhancement, and strategies for achieving substance-free lifestyles;

• Life-skills training such as anger management, communication skills, employability skills, irrational beliefs, problem solving, relapse prevention, recovery management, decision- making, relationship skills, symptom management, and food purchase and preparation;

• Non-verbal therapies such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and Yoga, to provide our clients with alternative means of self-expression and problem resolution;

• Training and/or advising on health and medical issues;

• Employment or educational support services to assist clients in becoming financially independent;

• Nutrition education;

• Mental health services for the purpose of maintaining long term recovery:

· Managing clients with disorders who are stabilized;

· Evaluating clients’ needs for in-depth mental health assessment;

· Training clients to manage symptoms;

· Timely referral to an appropriate provider for mental health crisis or for the emergency of a primary mental health disorder or to the Inceptions Recovery & Treatment Center, LLC. ’s contracted psychiatrist. 

Medical Team


The team takes a very humanistic approach to help facilitate true success in the recovery process for one of our patients. 

Clinical Treatment


clinical services that include a combination of individual, group, and family therapy in Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Mental Health Services. 

We believe in an

"Intensive Family Therapy Participation System"  To achieve successful recovery.

Addiction is a family disease and affects everyone. This Family Process helps facilitate true wellness across the board. 

We assist individuals in assessment and self-evaluation of substance use and mental health diagnosis patterns and the effects that it has on their lives; and to assist individuals in the development of appropriate strategies to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

The focus of treatment for the client is not primary education and relapse prevention but great focus on underlying mental health issues. Clients are required to attend community self-help group meetings while in the program.



Our Case Managers are highly trained to facilitate the healthy connections necessary for a recovering person's needs. Connections to make recovery a real possibility for each and everyone of our patients.