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Licensed Substance Abuse, Addiction, Mental Health Services

We're passionate to help you find a path that works best for you, on your road to recovery! 


Joint Commission Accredited

100% Anti-Patient Brokering

Please do not contact us with ANY UNETHICAL business practices. 

We have a 100% DO NO HARM policy!



HIPAA Compliance

*Please be advised,

At Inceptions we take your privacy extremely serious! If you call our facility to ask about a loved one in our care and there is no release of information specifically allowing you access, we will not be able to confirm or deny any existence of such individual even if you know of their admittance to our program. It's against federal & state law to release ANY patient information without a release. We will do our best to have your loved one sign a HIPAA release but if the patient is unwilling then unfortunately there's nothing we can do. When and if they call you then please speak with them about this issue and have them sign a release with us. 

Our Levels of Care

Evidenced Based Treatment


Treatment Phases

Outpatient Detoxification (OPD)

Day/Night Treatment with 

Community Housing (PHP) 

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Outpatient (OP) 

We offer Housing via FARR Certified Providers for all levels of care. 

Clinical & Medical Treatment Co-Occurring Disorder Specialists


We treat the four pillars affected by addiction; biology, psychology, social, and spiritual. We believe that treating the entire human being is vital. Any areas left untreated will inevitably lead to relapse. 



Inceptions prides itself in continuum of care. We will help facilitate connections to ensure recovery is attainable. 

We believe 12 step support is essential. 


Addiction & Mental Health Services

Our Mission & Services

 We offer a compassionate and disciplined environment that combines known medical expertise with innovative, dignified teaching methods leading to self-fulfillment, gainful employment and social participation. 

We believe that healthy results come from an intensive treatment model in which clients, peers, families, and professionals have a true understanding which road to take. Healing takes place within that community. 

Special Populations

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"Hope A Day at a Time"

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling concerns.  Include Insurance information for verification if needed. 

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